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Welcome to embarcLA the LA Mayor Entrepreneurship Program – Summer 2020

The summer entrepreneurship program is a 5-week entirely virtual program developed in partnership with the Startup Boost Pre-Accelerator, Bixel Exchange, and our community of entrepreneurs, operators, and executives.solvers and decision makers.

Teaching young people entrepreneurship early makes them better problemsolvers and decision makers.

Over the space of five weeks embarcla with a pool of diverse entrepreneurs and mentors empowers young angelenos with the insights and skills needed to find their passion and confidence to pursue their dreams.

We leverage a community focused, non capital intensive, high impact program to nurture and prepare the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.solvers and decision makers.

Program Overview

The program utilizes live panels, interactive coursework, guided workshops, career development fundamentals, and mentorship to educate and demystify the world of technology and empower young Angleneos with the tools they need to explore careers in technology and entrepreneurship.solvers and decision makers.

Mentorship startup boost


1-on-1 Mentorship – Serial entrepreneurs & investors provide experience & expertise


Help them focus on specific priorities to advance the business
Network startupboost


We connect startups with the top accelerators, seed investors, and industry partners

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Post Program

After the program, embarcla team provides postprogram opportunities that includes the possibility to join our preaccelerator  program, introductions to investor and accelerator, and monthly events to help alumni advance their ideas and succeed.



Access to a diverse global alumni, as well as ongoing support, contacts, and mentorship.


Showcase day to accelerators, potential customers/partners, and angel investors/vc’s.
cityscape startup boost


To local and global accelerators best suited to ideas, industry and level of experience.

Program Leaders

Moaz Hamid
Founder / CEO @ mvmtAi
Tania Mulry
General Manager/Product and Marketing Consultant at Steamwork
Judene Small Jean-Louis
Operations & Strategy Professional| Venture Capital | Startup & Early Stage | Startup Advisor
Blake Caldwell
CEO, Co-Founder of Startup Boost