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Global Investor Day February 3rd – 4th

Thank you for attending our Global Investor Day

Global Investor Day is now over and if there is any additional information you’d like on the startups or from us, we are happy to assist.

The startups that come into our program are all very promising and they leave even more so. As we head into the Spring, be sure to recommend any startups to apply.

We’ll be running programs in Detroit, Kenya, LA, Newcastle, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington D.C.

As a reminder, we don’t charge or take equity, so it’s a win for the startups and everyone in the startup ecosystem.

About Startup Boost

Over the past 4 years Startup Boost has had 3600 applications, grown to 15 cities with 26 programs thanks to amazing city leaders who have pre-accelerated 265+ startups with 50% of these companies going on to top tier accelerators and raising over $56m to date.
Startup Boost continues to support founders with the FoundersBoostX online platform that helps any founder anywhere take the best next step in building their company with a unique community, workshops, perks, office hours, and more. If in the meantime you’d like to join the community, request to join HERE.
To learn more about setting up a chapter in your city, sponsorship or other information please contact us HERE.