Startup Boost Program Leader Resources

A single page that directs you to all your key resources

F6S Applications

  • To see applicants: go to & select your program under “Pipeline” dropdown.

2020 Fall Program Links

Here is a list of most of the Fall 2020 program links you will need.

The Master SpreadSheets (MSS) are your everything. They will guide you to every document or file you need. It is your checklist, your project management tool, and your database all in one. This allows you to focus more on the program and less on administrative duties involved with the program and working with other team members. 

 Note: Be logged in with your Startup Boost Google account for access to your city’s MSS

Remo and Backup Venue Links

  • You can access the Remo and Zoom links in this Appendix.
  • Note, you will need to login with your Startup Boost program email address to access this.

BoostX Resources

  • BoostX – The community that contains a plethora of resources, including the alumni network.
  • Program Leader Training Workshop – Instructions on using the Master Spreadsheets and other tools. This is a must watch all the way through at least once.

Slack Workspaces

The Startup Boost Network Workspace – Slack for program leaders to interact with each program cohort, program alumni, and globally. (Access: For all Program Leaders & Startups)

The Startup Boost HQ Workspace – Slack for HQ to interact directly with the directors in each city. It is also a place for directors to interact with each other. (Access: For Directors)


MSS = Master Spreadsheet (there is one for each program and one for HQ)
Cohort = Group. In our case, it refers to a group of programs that run at the same time.
Program = The specific program in each city. General programs are typically referred to by their city names. Other types are industry specific, like the NYC Blockchain program
Program Leaders = The leaders of the program. No longer calling them “Organizers”
Startups = Startups in the program. No longer calling them “Teams” because it’s too general of a term.